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Media Says Fraud, "Jim Crow" Ballot Bill: Goal is To Crush 3rd Parties, Cause Suits, Arbitrarily Remove Voters, Women.  Leon SOE: Bill a Travesty

Rep. Seth McKeel, R-Lakeland; Rep. Dennis Baxley, R-Ocala, the sponsor of "bizarre" Party & Petition Requirements to Hamper Amendments, Manipulate Elections, Ease False-Flag Candidates, Prevent New Parties, Manipulate Federal Election Fear Activists, Media






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Watch Here! MOVIE: STEALING AMERICA: Vote by Vote You can now watch the full movie online at our video page.

Fair District Efforts...--To Sign the Petition


Fair District Efforts...

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Continuing improvements in ballot monitors viewing underway in Pinellas.


Documentary Shows How Votes "Disappear" in "Stealing America" Vote by Vote


As memories of 2000 and 2004 grow dimmer, this documentary reminds viewers of the controversy surrounding the elections of George W. Bush. Filmmaker Dorothy Fadiman uses film clips and interviews to make the strong case that Bush won neither contest. Voters, election officials and politicos discuss their efforts to expose the truth, while media footage -- including some spot-on calls from Comedy Central -- recalls the events at the time.
Director: Dorothy Fadiman
Genre: Documentary
Watch Video at:




Governor Charlie Crist Signs Legislation Creating a Paper Trail for Florida Votes   

May㺗, 2007

The two year challenge to establish paper trail ended in victory for the Election Reform Coalition of Pinellas County when Governor Charlie Crist signed House Bill 537 that establishes a paper trail for all votes cast in Florida elections. Having a paper trail was among the top recommendations in the ERC Pinellas' 2005 Report. The election-reform legislation will provide optical scan machines for counties that do not already have them for Election Day voting and early voting sites.

Governor Crist said, "When Floridians cast ballots in an election at any level - local, state or federal - they can leave the polling place knowing that their vote has been counted and recorded and can be verified."

This victory is the result of two years hard work by individuals and organizations that worked together to form the non-partisan Election Reform Coalition in Pinellas County Florida. 

A special thanks to these key members and activists who helped organize the public forums; Create our Report and Action Plan; Interviewed at major newspapers and radio shows; Promoted the coalition at public events, government meetings; Talked to the Supervisor of Elections; Traveled the state and sent copies of our report to legistlators.   

Arlin Briley, Vice-Chair of the Democratic Party, Michael "MG" Gilson, Chair of the Libertarian Party of Pinellas County, Mike Henkel and Mark Kamleiter Co-Chairs of the Green Party of Pinellas County, Bill Bucolo, Ed Helm, Pea Trombley, and Carrie Wadlinger. Other group activists: The Citizen's Vote Verification group with Leonard Schmiege and Gyan HardmanPamela Haengel of Voting Integrity Alliance of Tampa Bay (VIA).

Thank you for your support Coalition Group Members... 

ERC Pinellas Voting Machine Concerns Reach Hollywood & U.S. in Hit Movie "Man of the Year"   

February 24, 2007

For those of you who thought ERCPinellas concerns with voting machine fraud are just a minor issue, limited to a few small grassroots groups...well think again! Our concerns have become a such a nationwide issue that Hollywood has made a major motion picture called Man of the Year featuring Robin Williams who stars as Tom Dobbs, a humorous TV talk show host who ignites a grassroots movement that puts him on the presidential ballot. To everyones surprise, Dobbs wins—only to learn that a computer voting error gave him the victory. The movie is now available on DVD. We suggest you watch for yourself to see how easily a computer glitch can throw an election. 






ERC Pinellas Observes Vote Tabulations at the Pinellas Supervisor of Election on Election Day 






November 7, 2006

With Election Day 2006, came the opportunity for members of ERC Pinellas to observe inside the tabulation room of the Pinellas Supervisor of Elections Office. Present were Michael Gilson, rep for the Libertarian Party of Pinellas County, Len Schmiege, rep for the Reform Party, and Bill Bucolo, rep for the Democratic Party.


Watch VIDEO>

ERC Pinellas Join Forces with VIA Tampa Bay  






ERC Pinellas is one of the many voter groups with a great concern for the integrity of electronic voting machines.  This year ERC Pinellas members  Michael Gilson, Chair of the Libertarian Party of Pinellas County, and Bill Bucolo formed a friendly alliance with the group, Voting Integrity Alliance of Tampa Bay (VIA) a non-partisan, grassroots citizens' group dedicated to election reform, headed by Pamela Haengel. 


ERCP Speaks Out at St. Pete Sunshine Center  

ERC Pinellas had a special opportunity to speak in St Petersburg at the Sunshine Center, a popular gathering for concerned citizens and civic minded individuals active in local political affairs. Coordinating with the League of Women Voters, ERCP Speakers Michael Gilson, Arlin Briley and Ed Helm informed attendees of voting machine problems and security issues they should be concerned about when casting their future votes.   




ERC Pinellas' Press & Media Tour




With our report completed, members of the Election Reform Coalition of Pinellas County-(ERCP) participated in various press interviews in the Tampa Bay area. We explained how electronic voting machines have security problems and recommended improvements based on the concerns voiced by citizens at our public forums. Below are news articles written about the ERCP.



Read about ERC Pinellas in the Tampa Weekly Planet... 


      (L-R) Ed Helm, Arlin Briley, Mark Kamleiter & Michael Gilson


Read more Newspaper Articles about ERC Pinellas...






ERCP Uncovers Top Voter Issues & Makes Recommendations in Pinellas Elections Report 

We wanted to hear from the public on their voting experience in the recent elections. A wide variety of problems were found and documented in our report. Some of the biggest concerns were with the touchscreen voting. Many wondered if their vote was really counted. Some of the top concerns the ERCP study found were:

  • Distrust in Paperless Voting
  • Serious Systematic Problems
  • Dissatisfaction with Government Responsiveness and Representation


>> DOWNLOAD Report >> (Full & Condensed Version)

>> DOWNLOAD 1-Page Executive Summary-PDF

 >> READ the EXECUTIVE SUMMARY (Webpage Text)




ERC Pinellas is Not Alone---Many Have Concerns About System and Electronic Voting Machines

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